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Our BTST / STBT calls are the perfect solution for traders with a daily approach to trading. As you are expected to act fast to book profits from trading, we make sure that calls are delivered to you instantly through our APP. You can square off your position when the stock reaches its expected target or stop loss levels. All our BTST /STBT calls would be on liquid large cap stocks trading in the Futures and Options segment.

Following are the components of BTST / STBT Calls on stocks

  • Trading calls issued on stocks trading in the futures segment. Calls and levels are specified on cash levels.
  • Calls designed to capture 1 - 3% movement on stocks in F&O segment. Stop loss levels varies from 1% - 2%.
  • Follow up provided on calls (in terms of Booking full profits BFP / and stop loss levels - on trigger and on revising stop loss levels).

How much does each service cost?



Half Yearly


Rs. 13800/-

Rs. 25300/-

**Rates inclusive of all taxes.

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